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E-learning and educational games … how many times have you used them and had real long term results?  That’s what we thought… That’s why we sat down together with a team of bright and creative people to create something revolutionary new. We’ve managed to combine the best features of e-learning and educational games in a new, dynamic and inspiring learning concept that we call ‘training through gaming’. We can prove that ‘on the job’ training through gaming not only moves your organization measurable forward, but is also really ‘ fun’ for your employees! Challenge us!

Why Serious Games by InThere?

Learning is fun!

Only looking at subject matter hardly works. With our Serious Games we treat all subject matter in sessions of 15 minutes per day. The games consist of multiple missions where each mission will cover a learning goal. Users are motivated to meet challenges and in the meantime take in important knowledge

To measure is to know

All data is recorded during use. This gives the player a good idea of ​​his / her progress. It also becomes clear to the player on which points he or she can still improve themselves. The organization maintains an overview of the effectiveness of the deployment of the Serious Games and the entire learning process.

Attention is reflection

After practicing, the players think about the knowledge they have gained. They are challenged by the organization, colleagues or themselves to improve performance by playing a level again. The motivation is intrinsic. As a result, curriculum lingers better and play is more enjoyable.

Catch a Glimpse: Our Cases and Stories

The Offshore Project

12 life-saving rules had to be imparted to more than 1,000 crewmembers to make their dangerous job safer. This is how it went.

Shipshape in the galley

A cruise ship’s chef was facing a challenge: How can you make hygiene and food safety rules fun to learn for your multilingual galley team?

25% of costs and time saved

Since safety expert RelyOn Nutec has started to use our microgames, their trainees arrive  well prepared in theory and have more time for firefighting and drills on-site.


Serious Game Infection Prevention now available for free!

InThere and the Reinier de Graafgroep have decided to make the serious game ‘REINier’ available free of charge for training purposes to all healthcare institutions in the Netherlands. In addition, everyone can now download the game from the stores to train themselves in applying the correct prescribed (hand) hygiene. In light of the recent and critical developments surrounding the corona (COVID-19) virus, both organizations have decided that the knowledge applied within this serious game should be available to everyone quickly and temporarily without licensing costs.

Serious Gaming

Games (only) are not effective for learning and training purposes. E-learning processes are often boring and the effect of them (certainly in the longer term) is minimal. We have combined the best features of both in a new dynamic and inspiring learning environment that we call SERIOUS GAMING. And … we are unique in this! We show that learning on the job every day in a playful way not only helps your organization move forward, but also and above all is fun for your employees.

In only 15 minutes per day

Only looking at subject matter does not work or hardly works, it only really has an effect if it is actively used. Knowledge and insight cannot be imposed, it must simply be experienced. Working actively yourself to solve scenarios leads to lasting knowledge and insight. InThere teaches and inspires your employees in just 15 minutes a day.


We work closely with the client and specialists during the development of the Micrograme processes. This gives all parties insight into the product, it closely matches your issue and makes it easier to use the solution adequately.

Innovation development

We work closely together with the Delft University of technology on the effective application of the training through gaming methodologies. Our extensive experience and remarkable results can also strengthen your research program and accelerate transforming the knowledge gained into commercially viable processes and services.

Slide What our clients say: “ProRail is responsible for the Dutch rail network. We want to make the rail network safer, more reliable, punctual and more sustainable and work on this on a daily basis. We always do this with attention to our influence on the environment and society. The training methodology that InThere makes available helps us to achieve those objectives. ”

Bram Voortman
HR-adviser, ProRail
Slide What our clients say: “We want to live in a country that is protected against flooding. The people of Rijkswaterstaat are committed to this every day. With over 200 years of knowledge of the design of our country, they know that this is more than the technical implementation of road and water projects. Because employees regularly train with a Microgame from InThere, they are prepared for anything.

Hans van der Heijden
Policy officer, Rijkswaterstaat

Slide What our clients say: “With the game from InThere we helped a large group of employees learn the 12 Allsafe rules in a short and fun way. And this through our own, recognizable scenarios. That’s how the rules really came to life and there was active learning!"

Michiel Kreutzer
Advisor, AllSeas

Our clients are:

University of Amsterdam
NS Pro Rail
TU Delft
Smart Port
Brandweer Rotterdam-Rijnmond

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