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Slide What our clients say: “ProRail is responsible for the Dutch rail network. We want to make the rail network safer, more reliable, punctual and more sustainable and work on this on a daily basis. We always do this with attention to our influence on the environment and society. The training methodology that InThere makes available helps us to achieve those objectives. ”

Bram Voortman
HR-adviser, ProRail
Slide What our clients say: “We want to live in a country that is protected against flooding. The people of Rijkswaterstaat are committed to this every day. With over 200 years of knowledge of the design of our country, they know that this is more than the technical implementation of road and water projects. Because employees regularly train with a Microgame from InThere, they are prepared for anything.

Hans van der Heijden
Policy officer, Rijkswaterstaat

Slide What our clients say: “With the game from InThere we helped a large group of employees learn the 12 Allsafe rules in a short and fun way. And this through our own, recognizable scenarios. That’s how the rules really came to life and there was active learning!"

Michiel Kreutzer
Advisor, AllSeas

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