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What if all employees would engage in an e-learning training like this guy?

  • Eager

  • Competitive

  • Motivated

But let’s be honest

We’re all eager to learn… until we have to. Suddenly, it doesn’t fit into our schedule. We’re too busy. We don’t see the point of training. Or we think the training is too boring.

The enthusiastic corporate learning culture almost sounds like a pipe dream to you.


What if it isn’t?

medewerker heeft geen zin in e-learning

Gamification is the future

Did you know that even the most straightforward gaming mechanisms make employees enthusiastic about learning? That’s the power of MicroGames in a training.


Are your managers too busy for training?

That’s no longer an excuse with MicroGames. Managers can train during their daily public transport commute, or even while they are waiting for their appointment, who is running late. MicroGames provide quick and easy access to the basic knowledge necessary to succesfully manage their team.


Do your employees regularly deal with new ways of working?

With MicroGames, employees learn how to master new rules and routines in no time. MicroGames are ideal for a quick study session during their coffee break, leaving plenty of time to put what they have learned into practice straight away. How about a little competition between colleagues to boost their performance?


Want to onboard new employees in record time?

Get new employees up and running, even before they enter the building. With MicroGames, new employees learn everything there is to know about your organisation from the comforts of their own homes, or anywhere else they like, for that matter. They get to work confident and dedicated, while you save yourself lots of time.

The training through gaming company

For over 10 years, InThere has been developing MicroGames for employee training. Together, we create measurably effective e-learning courses, tailored to your employees’ and organization’s learning needs. Are you up to the challenge?

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